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July 2017

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Stephen Simpson (b. 1953) was instilled with the beauty of Jewish Liturgical music from his father, Julius Simpson, as a child growing up in north-west London (Wembley & Kenton). He attended the Carmel College Jewish boarding school (1963-1971) where he sang in the school choir for many years. Later he sang with orthodox synagogue choirs (Wembley – with Hazan Stephen Robins & Kenton – with Hazan Geoffrey Shissler). Several years after immigrating to Israel in 1979, homesick for the many beautiful melodies and choral works that were an integral part of the regular synagogue experience, with the aid of the new home computer technology (by producing midi files for teaching the choir parts) he started an itinerant local male voice shul choir in Rehovot to try to introduce new tunes and a cappella choral pieces into some musically bland synagogue proceedings, while furthering his musical education in the fields of theory, harmony, voice-training, solfeggio, choral conducting and arranging. His love of shul music, and disappointment by its gradual decline in the 1980-90s, led him to make generally available through this web site many of the major works that are but the tip of the proverbial iceberg of this vast, beautiful and still little known treasury of Jewish music that has been slowly built up for us since the early 19th century.


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Please get in touch if:

  • You have access to JLM scores that we do not have, and you can a) Photocopy them; b) Scan them; c) Both a) & b);

  • You can help produce MIDI files from the scanned music;

  • You have some recordings of your choir you'd like others to hear (no copyrighted material please);

  • You have any new ideas;