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February 2008

ill titleShul choir teaching kits

Download zipped packs containing the musical score and relevant midi or mp3 files to help choir members learn their parts even if they have minimal training in music.

Please send us your training kits! Use the Submission form.

Use a program like the Sweet Little Midi player ( to separate and alter the volume of the various voices.


The kits

Adon Olam - De Sola - 335 - 4pt with a few harmonic

Adon Olam - Stuart

Adon Olam -

Ata Horeita Ladaat - for Dunajewsky's Ein

Av Harachamim - Dunajewski (almost).zip

Av Harachamim -

Bayom Hahu -

Ein Kamocha -

Ein_keloheinu_trad_3part - arr_Stephen


Hanerot Halalu -

Hashkivenu -

Lcha Dodi to Shiru lamelech -

Maoz_Tsur - Marcello - arranged


Mi Chamocha - Tsur Yisrael - arr.Stephen

Mi sheasa nissim - for Chanuka [Handel].zip

Oseh shalom - Lederman (almost).zip

Sim shalom (composer unknown).zip

Tsadik Katamar Yifrach_Lewandowski_re-arranged

Uvtsel knafecha - Lewandowski -

Vayehi binsoa - Naumbourg

Vayehi binsoa aron - Sulzer - (part arr. Stephen Simpson).zip

V'shamru - Lewandowski -

V'tov be'

Ya'amod - adapted and arranged by Stephen

Y'chadshehu - for Chanuka (Maoz Tsur tune).zip

Yigdal 28 -

Yigdal -

Yismechu -

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